Cost Analysis Services

Cost analysis is the phrase used to describe how an organization or business calculates its income and results for a specific period. It is made up of certain useful steps that help gauge the profit. Collection, allocation, effective analysis and steps to improve cost-efficient techniques are just a few of the stages that make up the accounting and analysis process.

Cost analysis corrects actions that are not producing advantages and places an emphasis on improving cost control, choosing pricing strategies, hasty decision-making, and other factors. For businesses searching for a specialist in this field, Virtual India is a one-stop-shop for outsourcing cost analysis services, cost accounting services, and controlling. 

Variance Analysis

What in accounting is variance analysis? 

Business owners can use variance analysis to find out where costs and revenues diverge from what was anticipated, what was planned, what was budgeted, or what had previously occurred. 


What makes variance analysis crucial?

Business owners can spot problems using variance analysis.  

▪ It highlights opportunities for improvement,

▪ Unrealistic spending plans,

▪ Including accounting irregularities like a charge that was double-charged or a payment that was missing.

Additionally, it acts as a crucial control tool that enables managers to make better informed and precise budget decisions. 

The methodology Virtual India uses for variance analysis

▪ Calculate the difference between a projected cost and an actual cost

▪ Look at the reasons behind the variation

▪ Reporting variances and their reasons to management

▪ Encourage corrective measures to reduce variations

Customized reports for your needs

Our reporting will be tailored to your needs and choices. Some clients would rather have a brief phone call to discuss spikes and dips in their research rather than a long email with deviations noted. Others ask to meet with their account manager from Virtual India in person once a month to go over the variance analysis line by line. Whatever approach suits you the best, our staff can make it work.  

Variance analysis outsourcing safeguards your business against fraud

Due to the prevalence of fewer control mechanisms, small and midsized enterprises are more susceptible to fraud than larger corporations. One person, for instance, might be in charge of managing all bookkeeping tasks, such as gathering receivables, processing payments, paying bills, making deposits, and documenting these actions.


As your independent, unbiased, third-party accountant, Virtual India outsourcing cost analysis services in India will notify you of any overspending, unlawful spending, or other fraudulent activities.